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PostSubject: Skills   Thu 20 Jul - 2:06

Tai and str should be about the same thing. Some how work with each other to give an better attack. Wisdom and Nin should work should be about the same thing, some how make them give out better damage. Gen. Make bunshins harder to produce. 500 clones is too much. Makes it hard to win.. That or bunshin cost should go a lot more.

Next thing in list.

Could you get some type of system going that auto distributes everything for us. I'm not sure how many people want it but I rather have the system pick out best way to improve my character based on clan and Job.

More weapons and armor?

Um Jutsu specialist .....should the final stage of the fire attack be open to anyone or should it be one of those things only uchiha can have..

taijutsu users....Should they get gates when they can also pick clans?....thats like watching Rocklee using Mangekyou. Or naruto and 100 clones using gates....

Um The stages like Mangekyou sharingan level 1-3 gates. Should they come at a greater cost to increase stats for the fight?
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PostSubject: Re: Skills   Fri 21 Jul - 17:49

Kage Mane no Jutsu doesn't report damage correctly. It does 10x the damage it reports. Not sure what the bug is. Also, when an enemy breaks out of it, it continues.

Inuzukas can use their Shikyaku no Jutsu multiple times per battle and it keeps the bonuses after battle. And they stack.
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