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 Answering your question.

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PostSubject: Answering your question.   Fri 21 Jul - 0:30

host=1.5 Gm= 1.5 moderate=1

1=Ban boot annouce mute unbann, unmute, bann, start genin exam

1.5=boot annouce mute unbann, unmute, bann, start genin exam, reboot,restore player, Rank Change,levelup,create,destroy,edit

2= All verbs I'm sure there are some verbs u dont want admins or host to have.

I added 1.5 because 1 and 2 where for normal

sleinth: hey yoshi since you are current host what level of commands do you think is fair for an Admin, Host, GM, Moderator (either 1 or 2. 2 being the highest.)>
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Answering your question.
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