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 Application:Cyber Milton

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Cyber Milton

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PostSubject: Application:Cyber Milton   Sat 29 Jul - 7:41

Key:Cyber Milton

Applying for:GM

Knowledge:I know about everything went from a n00b to a Expert in 1 day.If I dont know something ill find out in 5 minutes(i know ppl>.>)Im a Gm on another game Megaman Prophecy.I have LOTS of ways to advertise not just on byond but various websites.I play other Naruto games and let me tell you THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!so ill have plenty of ideas to set us apart in a larger audience.

Personlality:Im not VERY strict but ill lay the law down.I tend to use "lol" alot.Ppl say i abuse it(o.O?)im a perfector and have LOTS of ideas ALL the time.But ppl usually just find little excuses and put me down,so im tryin to gain some respect.

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Application:Cyber Milton
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