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 -GM- Application

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PostSubject: -GM- Application   Tue 15 Aug - 4:22

Which position your applying for should be the subject.
Key: XxXkeithXxX
#1 i watch the anime eevry staurday for new eposodes i am on the rock lee fight this sat and gaara but i know up until the fight with cs2 saskueand 2 tailed naruto
#2 hi (sike xD) i love the game i get on everyday unless i am over my moms house every other weekend
#3 i am a good -GM-
#4 i go to bed late Sleep unlees i got school Evil or Very Mad
#5 i am usually kind to new ppl unless they are spammers or they are hackers ...ect.....
Evil or Very Mad
#6 Cool i am cool and will be a good GM promised king
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-GM- Application
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