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 DividedInside's Application for a position.

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PostSubject: DividedInside's Application for a position.   Sat 23 Sep - 22:59

Greetings, people usually know me as DividedInside on BYOND.

Key: DividedInside
Knowledge of Naruto: I've been watching Naruto since episode 1, I love the anime, though I find the upcoming saga (Kakashi Gaiden) useless, even more fillers we don't want. Oh well.
Jobs applying for: Concept Development and Global Administration.
Time zone: GMT +01:00

Concept development description: The person in this position helps the creator of the game in thinking of things to put into the game, this includes items, opponents and all other forms on content.

Global administration description: The person in this position will be administrating both the game and the forums, whenever something happens that is against the rules, this person will think of what to do with the current situation and how to punish the person for his actions.

I have had quite some experience with all kinds of jobs in games, I've been a concept developer for Blizzard Entertainment, who is currently still working on new concept for their MMORPG World of Warcraft. I have helped in the creation of certain instances and rewards that are now available to players in-game.

Why I am applying: I love text-based RPG's, and I also love to watch Naruto, I feel like my knowledge in the anime and my experience with this kind of work will help this game become popular, but more important, a good game to play.
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PostSubject: accepted   Fri 29 Dec - 0:41

well I would be willing to have you come up with items and admin the game if you are still interested. I will try to contact you. If you get this Contact me on MSN IM:
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DividedInside's Application for a position.
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